My New Years Resolutions 2016

be a goal digger 

I think it's a little overrated to think that making New Year's resolutions is overrated. 

If you want a perfectly fair reason to start a clean slate and attempt to become a better person on January 1, I'm all for it! 

But if you can't wait and want to start on December 31, that's fine too because technically, "Every day is a new year." 

So here is a list I came up with (I love lists) of my 2016 #GOALS ....

1. Less thinking, more creating. 

1.5 Less thinking, more praying. 

2. Expand my vocabulary word bank. 

3. Try one new healthy vegan recipe a week. 

4. Get a YouTube silver play button. 

5. Travel somewhere far alone. 

6. Do an active hobby like pole fitness regularly.  

7. Be a punctual person. 

8. Make meaningful connections. 

9. Go outside more often. 

10. Remind myself of this list as often as possible. 

Kristine Yu3 Comments